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Do you feel any of these symptoms?



Lack of a network support

Difficulty with language and culture

Loss of face-to-face contact

Insecurity regarding visa and documentation

What to do to change?

Define your goals well

Look at difficulties head on and identify them

Focus on positive experiences

find new interests

establish new routines

Advantages of doing therapy in your own language:

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Dr. Daniela Siciliano


CRP 05/35407

Psychologist with clinical experience since 2006, doing individual psychotherapy with adults.

Training in cognitive behavioral, hospital and trauma areas.

Great results for treating panic, adaptation, changes, anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma.

Never had online therapy?

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The service is provided to people residing in the United States or Brazil, via video call.

Yea! All sessions are carried out with patient safety and confidentiality.

The session can be done by cell phone, tablet or computer, as long as it is connected to the internet.


  • – Be in an isolated room;
  • – Check your connection;
  • – Use headphones;
  • Charge your device;

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Daniela Siciliano – Psychology

CRP 05/35407